Mental Settlement

Welcome to Settlemental

I created this page to gather information and stories from people who have questioned their personal identity or perspectives.

Like those who may have transitioned- aiming to fulfil the performance of that identity as part of a natural lifestyle.

For those who have achieved this transition and hold many years experience in their performance and have grown tired of the performance. When we grow as people, our identities that felt right and suited at the time, can begin to feel untrue and we may seek change.

Lastly for those who choose to destransition from the identity they convinced themselves was the right one and accepted the natural formation of character that developed with life experience.

The journey of self discovery is not straightforward. We experiment. We try things out. We will ourselves that we can be anyone or do anything, especially when encouraged. For some, opposition can become the driving force to determination. To prove the doubters wrong. Life experience allows our natural self to blossom, when we self-reflect without external influences; shaped by events and interactions that’s personal to oneself.

I aim to give a voice to those who may not be confident enough to share their views publicly and would prefer to remain anonymous.

I would like to provide the opportunity to share information that may help or support another who may feel lost and isolated in the circumstances they have found themselves in. All those who suffer need support, connection and acceptance.

I believe that most people are fascinating human beings. We are complex; ever changing and evolving. Our life experiences change our views and our dreams can become nightmares. Our nightmares can become our dreams. Nothing in life is set in stone and only we have the power to change our minds.

What we can believe with all our heart may become the one thing that imprisons us from true freedom and acceptance in the future.

I hope anyone who visits here may find something that may help them or allow themselves to question their opinion, without hate or judgement.

I wish not to offend, insult, dehumanise or trivialise the experience of others. I can only speak from my perspective of the experiences of my life and knowledge and I respect the opportunity to learn by the views and accounts of others.

Abusive behaviour or language unwelcome. Respectful disagreement is a recommended. We all have the human right to our own personal beliefs and we need to respect that our beliefs may not always align. That is OK. It’s what makes us humans so fascinating.

Wishing all visitors courage, peace and happiness in all their choices.



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