Debbies Journey to Self Acceptance

No matter how committed one can be to the performance of the identity one craves, when it doesn’t feel true it’s never too late to redefine your perspective.

Finding peace can take years of picking through the motives behind our decision making. It can be a hugely painful ambition if there has been an experienced trauma.

We all have the ability to make change. What can be lacking is the right time to deeply analyse our hardest truths. Of course we also need the mental strength to cope with any difficulties that may present. Sometimes we may need to prepare ourselves; build up our power and confidence to do so bravely.

When the time is right…


Man reveals sex change was “greatest mistake” – and he wants to be a woman again

Lee Harries wasn’t transgender – but instead was a woman suffering with horrific complex PTSD, after years of sexual abuse.

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